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Why We’ve Started Another Concept

Today, we’re incredibly proud to launch Another Concept, an agency that is taking a new approach to digital partnerships.

The four of us (Rich, Alex, Marcus and Tom) have been officially planning and developing the Another Concept brand for the past few months. However, in many ways, Another Concept is the direct result of over 50 years of cumulative experience in the industry.

Our Story

The four of us met in 2015, when we all worked at one of the largest digital agencies in the UK. Although we worked in different teams and had varying specialisms, we immediately formed a very strong bond that we’ve maintained ever since. 

During the past eight years, the four of us have spent countless hours chatting in bars and restaurants across Leeds. As good friends, we’ve naturally talked about sport, family and everything in between. But we’ve always gravitated towards one thing: if we started our own agency, how would we improve things? 

Another Concept is the result of nearly eight years of planning and several months of (unbelievably) hard work. But, the process of its creation has felt natural because we’ve all shared the same vision: we want to create an agency that’s expert-led, client-centric and prides itself on doing the best possible work it can. 

We knew way back in 2015 that we wanted to do things differently. Now, having spent most of the last decade working in senior roles in agencies, in-house and on a freelance basis, we still have the same core belief: clients deserve more from their agency partners. That’s what Another Concept is all about. 

Discover the Difference

Yes, good agencies do exist (and we’ve partnered with some of them over the years). However, the majority are bloated and contain too many layers of account management and teams that work in silos. This means clients find it hard to speak to the people who are actually doing the work. Plus, it also means communications are a nightmare and getting an email reply can take days. Scheduling a call that includes every team member and account manager can be even worse. That can take weeks. 

Others are simply too stuck in the old way of working. They charge lofty retainer fees and force clients to stick to a set strategy that provides diminishing returns over time. This means the agency is simply servicing a budget and looking after its profit margin rather than providing real value and ROI. 

Another Concept is different and it seeks to redefine the traditional agency model and existing ways of working. It’s an agency that’s expert led, puts clients first and prides itself on open and honest communications. 

We don’t use account managers or salespeople who might sell you lofty promises, we just put you directly in touch with experts who work collaboratively and are proud of the work they’re doing. We’re not interested in pointless upsells, we just want to generate results everyone can be proud of. 

We’re all honest Yorkshiremen, too. This means we cut through the typical agency nonsense and tell you what you need and what we’re doing in real terms. Plus, we’re happy to communicate your way. Got a lengthy technical query? Send us an email. Just want a quick update on rankings before you head into a meeting? Drop us a message in your WhatsApp group chat or via Slack. We think communication should be instant, so we’ll always talk to you and your team in a way that suits you. 

We also use a ‘fluid’ retainer model that ensures we’re always using your budget in a way that maximises ROI and impact. All of our digital strategies are bespoke, and we’ll work alongside you and your team at every stage of the journey to earn the results you require. We’re not a ‘hands off’ agency, we’re an extension of your team and we’re just as results-driven and ROI-focused as you are.

We’d Love to Hear from You

Another Concept is all about building lasting relationships with ambitious brands that want to exceed their digital goals. 

We’re very fortunate to say that we’ve already formed many exciting relationships with businesses we love; including several in the sports space. Keep an eye out – we have a couple of exciting case studies coming that show the impressive results we’ve achieved already. 

But, we’re always looking out for the right partners. Interested in learning more about what we can do for you? Get in touch today.

Get in Touch

Concerned you’re not pursuing the right strategy? Worried you’re not getting the results you should be? Let us know. We’ll take a look for free and give you our honest verdict.

Alternatively, if you’d like to have an informal discussion about the results we can help you achieve, get in touch. We’d love to meet you for a chat over a coffee or a beer.

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  • Tom Brook

    Tom has more than 10 years of experience working in copywriting, content strategy and PR. Over the years, he’s led one of the largest copywriting teams in the UK and has worked on a freelance basis for some of the country’s biggest brands.