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The Google Ads Design is Changing

google ads interface changing

After months of trials, Google Ads has begun to roll out a new look. The new format, which was announced on 13 June, features a main menu on the left of the screen. It also features pages that are organised into high-level categories. This makes the navigation process far simpler for both new and experienced advertisers.

What’s Changed?

Based on user feedback that was acquired during the test phase, Google has now decided that it will divide its content into the following five high-level categories:

  • Campaigns – This page will allow marketers and advertisers to analyse, optimise and manage their new and ongoing campaigns.
  • Goals – On this page, advertisers will be able to define, monitor and update their conversion goals.
  • Tools – Here, users will be able to access tools that will help with planning, bidding, budgets, troubleshooting and more.
  • Billing – On this page, users will be able to monitor their spend and payments.
  • Admin – Here, marketers can manage their team, security and account settings.

When will the Changes Happen?

Google has already begun to roll out the new design to users who took part in the Google Ads trial that began on 2 March. The company hopes that all Google Ads users will be moved over to the new interface by December 2023. However, this roll out will happen in phases and you may get access to the new design much sooner.

Don’t like the new design? Well, you can revert back to the old one. However, you’ll only be able to do this until 2024.

With this in mind, Google has announced that the company will be updating Help Centre documentation and creating additional resources that will help users get comfortable with – and even more efficient in – the new design. Plus, the company is imploring users to share their feedback in the Leave Feedback option in the Help menu, or when they switch between the designs. Google says it will use this information to ‘build a better Google Ads for you’.

Why is this Important?

As all Google Ads users will be moved across to the new design by the end of the year, it’s important that advertisers get used to using the new interface as soon as possible.

As soon as the switch is made, you should trial using the new design and ensure you feel comfortable and confident while using it. Although it can be tempting to switch back to the old design, you should make the most of Google’s Help Centre documentation and attempt to master this new way of working. After all, you can only switch back for a limited time and you don’t want to feel behind the curve when everyone else is fully up-to-speed next year.

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