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How We Gained a DA95 Do-Follow Backlink on the BBC

An image showing the BBC Sport website with text saying 'How we gained a DA95 do-follow backlink on the BBC'

In the world of outreach and search engine optimisation (SEO), high-quality backlinks are a prized commodity. The most coveted sites are those with a domain authority (DA) exceeding 90, such as the BBC – at the time of writing, the BBC has a DA of 95. 

For many business owners and digital marketers, obtaining relevant backlinks is a challenging and somewhat elusive process. This is particularly true for high DA sites like the BBC, which rarely link to third-party websites. 

That’s why we’re excited to share how we achieved the Holy Grail of links: a natural do-follow backlink from the BBC. 

The Power of High DA Backlinks

Before we dive into how we did it, it’s important to touch on the importance of high-authority backlinks. 

A backlink from a high DA website can be incredibly powerful. It signals to search engines that your site is an authoritative, trustworthy and valuable source of information. In turn, these signals help to boost your website’s backlink profile, increase organic traffic and grow your online presence.

Given their vast reach, audience and DA, a backlink from sources like the BBC can drive substantial traffic to your site. As such, backlinks from the high-authority sites are often viewed as the pinnacle of link-building success – especially when it’s a do-follow link.

How to Secure a High DA Backlink

Want to know how we secured a DA95 for one of our clients? Here’s our fool-proof four-step process:

Step 1: Build a Strong Online Presence with Great Content

We’ve been working with our client on a variety of data-driven campaigns, including Digital PR (DPR), content marketing and technical SEO. These efforts have been yielding excellent results across the board.

This particular client produces knowledgeable and entertaining video content that drives engagement. Essentially, this means it’s ripe for backlinks. Our role is to elevate and amplify its reach through strategic promotion and distribution. 

Step 2: Monitor and Identify Opportunities

We monitor the online presence of every client we work with. Because of this, we noticed that one of our client’s latest videos had been featured in a BBC text article – fantastic news! However, the article didn’t include a link to the video, something that deprived readers of valuable context and additional information. 

Step 3: Make Your Case and Ask For Credit

After reading the coverage and spotting this opportunity, we immediately took action. We filled out this complaint form on the BBC website, requesting that they credit our source. We highlighted how including this link would enhance the user experience, providing additional context to their readers as well as direct access to the original video content.

Step 4: Secure Your Backlink

To our delight, the BBC quickly replied and promptly added our client’s link. They acknowledged our reasoning and understood that our suggested link would help their readers. 

The result: a DA95 do-follow link from the BBC and a very happy client. Job done!

What We Learned About Backlinks and the BBC

As SEO experts, we’ve filled in dozens of these forms over the years (sometimes to no avail). Here are three things we’ve learned about securing backlinks from the BBC.

1. They Understand SEO

This experience taught us that the BBC understands SEO. They have a solid grasp of SEO principles, many of which align with their primary goal: to provide their readers with informative and contextually-rich content. 

2. They Prioritise User Experience

Our key takeaway is that the BBC, like many high-authority websites, prioritises the user experience. So, if your request positively impacts the user and intends to add value, then it’s more likely to be actioned. If you’re filling in the complaint form, be sure to highlight exactly how adding the link will improve value for the reader.

3. They Value High-Quality, Original Content

The value of original content is also crucial. After all, it was the client’s original resource that secured the initial coverage from the BBC. Without high-quality, valuable content, none of this would have been possible. So, spend time on content creation and focus on what your users actually want to read about.

Link-Worthy Content from Another Concept

The secret to gaining high-authority backlinks lies in producing authentic, engaging content. Why? Because content that genuinely resonates naturally attracts coverage, which includes backlinks from authoritative sources.

At the end of the day, engaging content will always have a better chance of being picked up by major websites. After all, if people love and engage with your content, they’re more likely to share it. In short, create high-quality content and the backlinks will follow. 

Here at Another Concept, we know that valuable content is essential when trying to build a loyal audience, boost brand credibility and inspire trust. Get in touch today to learn how we can improve your content and boost your backlink profile.

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